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Monday, June 07, 2004

HP Printer Drivers

I recently had to reinstall Windows due to three hard drives crashing due to a hardware failure on the motherboard. Thanks ASUS. I'm now back to Abit whom I have never had any trouble with. The ASUS board sucked from the start. Anyways, back to the point, I had to reinstall my printer drivers. HP isn't as bad as they use to be but why do I have to install half the software in the world when I just want the drivers. They don't even give you an option with some of the software. Again, I just want the drivers. I have Photoshop and don't need your crappy and bloated image editing software or your digital camera crap. I have ACDSee which works just fine for organizing my photos. Did I mention, I just want the drivers. HP also makes it a bitch for me to share my printer with my laptop since you can't install the driver from Windows. You have to use setup.exe from hell on the CD. I guess I'm lucky that I can even share my printer. Some of their printers don't give you the option to install drivers for OS's that aren't currently installed. This is extremely handy when you want to share the printer on a network. When installing a printer at one of the local schools I had to move the printer to each computer, install every crappy image related piece of software on the CD and then remove the printer from computer to get it to work. Also, what is up with the 50-150mb printer driver downloads. Again, don't cram crappy software into your drivers, we just want the drivers. What a waste.