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Thursday, June 24, 2004

Joint Operations

I was messing around with Joint Operations today and just had to rant about the annoying fact that you can't map mouse buttons higher than three. This was understandable a few years ago but now days most mice have at least five buttons. I'm sure this will be (may alread be) fixed in a patch but how can you over look that. I also wasn't very happy with the interface for changing your controls. I like that it showed yellow for keys that were mapped twice but I'm so use to games where if I map a key that is already mapped the older mapping gets cleared. It got really old having to constantly use the stupid clear button on the mappings screen. Being left handed I have a lot of mappings to change.

While I'm the topic of mappings why is WASD the default game mapping? Would'nt it make more sense, given you're right handed, to use ESDF since the F key has a nub on it so you know your finger is on the that key. There is nothing worse than not being able to find your finger placement in the middle of a heated battle. Plus you can still map the A key to something. The CAPS LOCK key is worthless for mapping in most games giving your pinky nothing to do.