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Sunday, June 27, 2004

Internet Explorer Bad

With the current flaws in Internet Explorer and many sites, including some high traffic ones (Kelly Blue Book is one that was infected), infected with an exploit that allows the site to unknowingly install malicious code on your system. This code has been known to include a key logger that collects your passwords and credit card numbers. Everyone should, at least until a fix is released, switch to an alternate browser.

Browsers that don't have the flaw include FireFox, Opera (my personal favorite), Mozilla and Netscape.

If you went to the Kelly Blue Book site, or are worried that you may have gone to an infected site, and you are running Internet Explorer you'll probably want to scan your computer with up to date anti-virus software and spy ware removal tools. If you are runnings Windows and you don't know what Internet Explorer is, or you don't know what web browser you are using ,then there is a 99% chance you are running Internet Explorer.